Peace Education


April 2017- Mar 2020

Project Location:

Nangarhar 5 district ( Khiwa, Pachir-aw Agam, Chaparhar, Khogani, Rodat )


Japan International Volunteer Center Private fund


Improve Peacebuilding practice at the grassroots community level and key social groups.

Main Activities:

  • Capacity building of youths,(Male and Female ) in Peacebuilding so that they integrate Peacebuilding in their daily life.
  • Capacity building of children in peacebuilding through, Peace art competition.
  • Advocacy influencing Peacebuilding at the community level.
  • Increasing awareness through publications on Peacebuilding and conflict resolution.
  • we provide and engage Islamic scholars, educated people and make a platform for them to discuss the ways for a peaceful life.