Your Voice Organization (YVO) is localized form of Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC), JVC has been established in 1980. JVC current activities in 11 countries. JVC open Afghan office in 2001, JVC provides emergency aid to Afghanistan, and continued activities in the field of wash, medicine, health care, education, peace building and policy advocacy. While providing aid, JVC planned the localization of the office. because there were no Japanese staff on site, local staff steadily enhance their daily management of project and the office, In March 2019, local office of JVC Afghanistan become independent, locally incorporated, and registered as a new NGOs with Afghanistan government.

YVO will continue the same projects of Literacy education and Peace building in partnership with JVC, in accordance with the MOU among the both parties. Hence, YVO is inherit form JVC, all the assets which include its experiences along with staff members is transfer to YVO.

Your Voice Organization (YVO) is Local NGO register as a noon-governmental, non-profit organization under the constitution of NGO law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with a registration number 4679.